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Hi I'm Radi, an engineering graduate turned UX Design student. Welcome to my blog where I'll be documenting my journey as I enter the wonderful world of UX and learn everything there is to know about design.

Featured Posts:

Reflecting on my first hackathon as a UX designer

I recently took part in my first ever hackathon working as the sole UX designer on the team. Here's what I learned during the process.


CareerFoundry UX Design Bootcamp - My Initial Thoughts After 1 Week

I'm one week into my CareerFoundry UX Design programme. Here's my initial thoughts on how it's been so far.


My Goals for the CareerFoundry UX Design Bootcamp

Tomorrow I'll be starting my UX design bootcamp with CareerFoundry. So I figured I'd take a moment to plan and write out some of my goals for the next few months.


Why I'm Interested in UX Design

This post is essentially a glorified answer to the typical job interview question, "why are you applying for this role?". I'll discuss what initially peaked my interest with UX, and why I feel like it's the right career for me.


My Journey to Discovering UX Design

This post is all about how I came across UX during my final year of university, and how the journey has led me to enrol onto CareerFoundry's UX Immersion Programme.